ESCORT Corporation WLL is an IT consulting company engaged in marketing and promoting custom software applications, design and develop web sites, designing, search engine optimisation and IT consultancy. Adapting the mode of working in-sync with the client we have acquired sound domain knowledge in various fields and are able to market and promote any type software as per the guidelines and requirements of the current market.



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Solace is a Hospital ERP Solution, capable of managing the entire hospital activities such as Patient Management, Inventory, HR, Accounts etc. Solace provides easy tools for monitoring and analyzing data with reports.


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Bizcare, a 'complete care package' for your business, is a unique software for Inventory, Invoicing and Business Accounting. for traders, retailers, wholesale dealers, textiles, super markets, hyper malls etc.


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BizHRM is a simple and efficient online system helps the employer to manage and track every aspects of employee.The system provides Reports and Dashboards which shows all scenario of the system to HR and management.


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e-SOFF is an Innovative and Powerful Web Application suitable for Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Logistics Companies. Online cargo tracking is also incorporated using mobile technology and google maps.